Personal Statement


Creativity is a powerful skill. 3D modeling is a communicative and explorative skill. Architecture is the functionality of art and design. All three evolve from the originalities and perspectives of our visual perception of the built form. Through my continuous discoveries of 3D programs, sketches, ideas, and designs, I merge the imagination and digital world into the physical, that addresses the economic, environmental, and habitual needs.






3D Modeler

Virtual Reality Explorer



What I do.

From stream-lined digital medias to analogue, I use the expertise of technical, critical thinking, and project-based design to bring the imagination into the reality.


Buildings and places help mold our culture and existence as a society. It starts with a story to an idea, a concept, and then a design process where every detail matters. You, the client, matters.



Defining that concept is essential to the story of "WHY". I explore every potential avenue to reveal the compelling understanding for each assignment, making every project unique and important.


3d modeling

Creating more than just a model but an experience that brings the imagination into reality. Every model is crafted with research, scale, time, and details to accurately portray reality with precision.



Our visual perception of the unbuilt form is critical in all aspects of design; from a product to a building. The focus of light, shadow, material, texture, and surfaces enhances the user idea of what could be, will be. Perception is everything


virtual reality

From concept to design, then to modeling to rendering; the emphasis of virtual reality is critical to further enhance the visual senses and perception of the unbuilt/built environment and spaces. Using Unreal Engine in conjunction with Blender, I bring the digital modeling to an explorative experience where imagination meets reality.


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