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This site contains information that can be either accurate or inaccurate due to the nature of the studio and its ongoing production. Information is meant to act as a "guidence" towards any event or action. This site or organization is in no way responsible for inaccuracies, events, communication, locations, or typographical errors.  rd2studio  will make regular changes to reflect upcoming events and exhibits or its product and/or programs with or without notice. Please be aware of the use of content from this site onto other publications or personal viewing. This is meant to protect the parties of the designer and its associated partneres, its associates, and the viewing party.


1. All images, text, videos, graphics, data, audio, and events are the sole property of the rd2studio.com and its affiliate, px2studio.com. Any information used from this site or it's sister site (px2studio.com) requires an expressive consent from the original owner of the file, text, data, audio, video, and all other media outlets. All information used on this site or any other programs are held by the consultant party/organization with exclusive rights unless notified by the respective parties. No individual or entities other than the rd2studio, px2studio, and its collaborator(s) have the right to use the text, data, audio, video, and all other media outlets without written consent.


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